Have a “Hard to Sell” Property?

Posted on January 15, 2014


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4 Different Realtors

4 Years on the market


Christopher Aronstein LISTED and SOLD it in 15 days. HOW?

The 5 P’s of Real Estate. That’s HOW!

There is a joke in the real estate world that any agent can employ the 3 P’s of real estate…

1.  Place a Sign in the Yard

2.  Place it on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service)

3.  Pray that someone will sell it.

But as YOUR Realtor/Advisor, I take 2 extra steps that are required to get the job done… Prospecting and Price Watching.

4.  Prospecting

For this hard to sell property, I worked daily to meet and connect qualified buyers for this house. For starters,  I marketed directly to the neighbors in the neighborhood and let them all know that the home was for sale.  I made phone calls to the HOA President and several of the neighbors that I knew in the subdivision.     In addition, I also kept in touch with past clients, made new connections, and worked within a network of real estate agents that had buyers looking for a home in this price point.  And let’s not forget  2  basic aspects of prospecting….interesting photography to market the house and a clever property description of the home that urges buyers to pick up the phone and make the call.  I was able to  convert one of the phone calls about this house into the sale of the home.

5.  Price Watching 

Real estate prices rise and fall and the more I communicate with the seller about current market conditions, the better informed they are to price the house right the first time.  This was a unique home that had over 20 showings in the first two weeks.  It was so unique that some of the buyers could not see it’s potential, or worse, couldn’t see themselves living there.  In my experience, if the house does not have a contract within the first 10 showings, the buyers are telling us the home is overpriced.  Overpriced homes “on the market” historically stay unsold  longer than those that are priced right “in the market,” netting a lower the price than the seller would have initially accepted for the home.   After a seller-approved price reduction, the seller  saw more traffic, received 2 contracts on the same day,  and the ultimately sold the property.

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