Don’t monkey around….

Posted on March 3, 2014



Don’t monkey around with one of your biggest investments- YOUR HOME. 

When clients ask me is they should take care of repairs (deferred maintenance) to the house or perform a major renovation to their kitchen,  I always encourage them to address maintenance issues first.

Yes, these are not the sexy repairs that are eye-popping to buyers but they are issues that a new homeowner does not want to be bothered with during their home search.  Furthermore, there is probably a competing home down the street at the same price with all of these completed repairs.

A well kept house is easier to market and ultimately gets the contract faster than a house that needs too much work.

Furthermore, it has been my experience that a home repair that my cost a homeowner $100 turns into a $1000 fix when it appears on a buyer’s inspection and repair request.  Buyers typically overestimate the cost of repairs thus weakening negotiating power of the seller during the inspection phase of the contract.

Take care of those minor issues in your house now so that they don’t turn into major issues down the road.

The most frequent repairs that appear on a repair request are:

Age and condition of the roof – Make sure to cut low lying branches away from the roof.  These tend to rub against the roof and compromise shingle life.  Keep gutters clean and free of debris, check soffit and fascia boards for rot and deterioration and replace as necessary.

Age and condition of the HVAC system – Be sure to service your AC and Heating unit at least once a year.  Change filters for the system once a month.

Age and condition of the hot water heater – In older homes the hot water heaters were not required to have a drain pan, but inevitably this request always makes the buyer’s  list of requested repairs.

Faucet and toilet leaks – Periodically, check underneath the cabinets in the kitchen and baths to make sure there are no active leaks.  The same goes with unsecured toilets.  Make sure these are fastened securely to the floor.  While we are on the topic, you will also want to locate the main water connect/disconnect for the house.

Keep vegetation away from the house – There is a saying in Louisiana –
“It’s not a matter if your house has termites, but when your house will get termites.”  Keep vegetation, flower beds, mulch,etc. at least 8-10 inches away from the slab or piers of your home.  You don’t want to encourage these wood destroying insects to start feasting on your home.

In the long run, if you continue to manage these items you will get longer life out of your systems and longer life out of your house.

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