Posted on February 28, 2014


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Southdowns Residents not surprised by ruling…

read below for the latest update on Rouzon offered by Baton Rouge Business Report…


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Smart growth proponents disturbed by court ruling on Rouzan’s TND status

While Wednesday’s ruling by the First Circuit Court of Appeals nullifying Rouzan’s designation as a Traditional Neighborhood Development was seen as a victory by long-time opponents of the development, smart growth proponents are disturbed by the ruling and fear it could spill over into the planning of other projects and planned communities. “This really concerns me because I don’t know yet what the implications of this are,” says Boo Thomas, director of the Center for Planning Excellence. A three-judge panel ruled that Rouzan does not meet the criteria to be a TND because developer Tommy Spinosa did not have control and ownership over all of the land within the boundaries of the development when it was rezoned in 2008 from A-1, or single-family residential, to TND. Though the Metro Council has since amended the TND ordinance, the appeals court…

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