Posted on December 8, 2011


rouzan postersRouzan final development plan draws opposition

An attorney for two people who own three parcels of land where the Rouzan TND is under development on Perkins Road says his clients will have no choice but to file suit against the city-parish if its planning and zoning commission approves the final development plan for Rouzan on Monday. Alex St. Amant says approval of the plan would effectively abolish servitude of passage rights that his clients, Bob Welch and Daniel Hoover, have previously won in court. “We’re hoping the city-parish will take the position that they need to investigate this before they give final approval. And if they do, they’ll come to the same conclusion I have,” St. Amant says. “If they don’t, they’ll be defending a lawsuit.” Developer Tommy Spinosa, however, says he’s not concerned with the threat of a suit and expects the final plan to get approval. “This is classic St. Amant, who really represents the core that has opposed Rouzan all along, and I believe he’s using the Welchs and the Hoovers to satisfy their goals,” Spinosa says. “All I can tell you is, they’ve got nothing that has altered our plans for Rouzan. We’re going to do everything we’ve always said we’re going to do.” The planning and zoning commission meeting will be held at 5 p.m. Monday on the third floor of the Governmental Building, 222 St. Louis St. You can see a full meeting agenda here, and read the full story here.
—Steve Sanoski

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