LSU Electric Car Friendly

Posted on August 23, 2011


Jordan Blum

Advocate capitol news bureau Baton Rouge Advocate


LSU is becoming electric car-friendly now that the campus’ first chargers were unveiled Wednesday on parking lots.

Entergy Louisiana donated the first two electric car chargers to the LSU campus to start a pilot program to encourage the growth of electric vehicles.

The “EV chargers” will provide free power to students, faculty and staff with electric vehicles, said Bill Mohl, president and chief executive officer of Entergy Louisiana.

They will also allow LSU Center for Energy Studies researchers to examine the usage and the impact on the electric grid, Mohl said.

The chargers are located on the south end of campus on Nicholson Extension across from Patrick F. Taylor Hall and on the north side in the Hart Lot near Kirby-Smith Hall.

Mike the Tiger — the human mascot — demonstrated how the chargers work on a Nissan Leaf, which is touted as a zero-emission electric car.

“I hope, over time, we can replace a lot of the vehicles on campus,” LSU Chancellor Michael Martin said. “This is a long-term thing.”

LSU also is doing a cost-benefit analysis in considering whether to invest in electric cars for the university’s vehicle fleet, Martin said.

Acknowledging that LSU is a campus heavy on trucks and sports-utility vehicles, Martin said he is hopeful those on the Baton Rouge campus and beyond will see LSU taking the lead and “learn from us.”

In the fall, LSU is planning to use a free, card-swipe system for the chargers.

Christopher Knotts, technology assessment director for the state Department of Natural Resources, said that last year Louisiana leveraged federal funds to start offering tax credits for electric car purchases and other alternative-fuel vehicles.

“Electric cars are an excellent choice for campus and urban environments,” Knotts said.

Mohl said the LSU project represents “really the first in a number of many steps” toward a cleaner future.

Entergy also is working to donate chargers to other universities in Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi and Texas.


Southdowns (a neighborhood in Baton Rouge, LA) offers such great proximity to the LSU campus.  Many residents ride their bikes, drive, walk or take public transportation to the campus for the wide-ranging events the campus has to offer.  And this is another great example that our flagship university is keeping up with our neighboring schools to offer state of the art technology.

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