LaHouse like no other

Posted on July 12, 2011


Many of my friends are drawn to the Southdowns (a neighborhood in Baton Rouge, LA) and surrounding area because of the charm of the older cottages.   But as time goes on we are also seeing new constuction on lots that were once vacant and old homes being torn down to accommodate new construction.  

And when my friends tell me they want to build their own home, I tell them that they should consider a visit to LaHouse, on LSU’s campus….the house like no other.

LaHouse at 2858 Gourrier Ave. is a featured home and property managed by the LSU Ag Center used as a research and teaching tool for those in and around the Baton Rouge area.  The house is a permanent evolving showcase house that integrates and balances 5 benefits….

Resource efficient, Durable, Healthy, Practical and Convenient…ultilizing state of the art building practices to achieve these goals. 

In addition to the house, the facility showcases 7 acres of landscape exhibits, has a teaching center and educational outreach programs for all ages, including a master gardeners program, etc.

So if you are considering new construction stop by LaHouse. 

They are open Monday – Friday from 9am – 4:30pm.  It is open and free to the public but a $5 donation is appreciated. Visit  or call 225-578-7913 for more information.

Furthermore, if you are in the market for a new home or any home for that matter, feel free to create your MLS home search when visiting   You can also give me a call at 225-938-8229.